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Dreaming Limbo 1: Re-write
I awoke from my sleep, but my eyes would not open.  Was it all just a dream, it seemed like eternity?  You see I don't know, and I cannot seem to find myself.  I have forgotten who I am.  Now locked in a room 6 paces by 12.  A cot, a table, pen and paper.  My only waking companions.  I cannot trust even them, though they are whom I now tell this memory to.  You see I do not know if I am still sleeping or not, if these words scratched on paper will ever be read.  Yet I must tell it, even if only to myself.
I went to sleep in the all pervasive waking dark.  When I opened my eyes, I stood atop a mountain.  The air was clear and cold.  I could see, I could see for miles.  Soaking in the sweeping view of forested plains.  With a river slicing through them like the slashing stroke of a paintbrush.  In the refreshing air, I felt so tired. &
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 1
Nano: Strange sort of sunset
the jets contrails faded black
looking like feathers of a raven
picking at the corpse of the day.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 4
Is this what it ish to be a teenager again.
all the dammage,
from the damaging things I have done.
I'd ask the pope,
but he'd say:
I am not a proper catholic.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
Strange sort of spectical
and she kapered about so foolishly
she was a young petty and pretty dame
dancing a petty and pretty dance to call
we kapered about led so well.
so alive breathing in all that was,
but in this rage I cannot remember her.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 6
Lets play a game :iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
Ivy is the slow fated hand
Subtle fingers to work this latch
Opening the window, not for time
Green growth, equals and ends all.
.                                                           An age opened this window
.                                                           One you locked so long ago
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 6
A Moment
we took our damage
wrote a form of verbal frottage
caressing an imagined image
but our moment was fey
it was never a day away
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
A Strange Sort of Art-Revision
Tired travelers have more tales to tell.
Ask too much and they will leave.
They are the closets and alleyways hiding soured paints.
I would brush my portrait in their sepia tones.
Distilled by the sun, colors that have no more lies.
So stretch a moth eaten sail over this frame.
Breathe a song into my ear while I work.
Something soft so only I can hear.
Whispered words have a pregnant message.
Laboring away, giving birth to a meaning.
So this painting, this art, will have something to say.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 6
The boy without a cape :RD:
With that, he solemnly tied the towel around his neck, and started climbing up the ladder.  They thought he was just another silly little boy, did they?  Well he would show them.  Did he not just beat Tommy in the race around the block?  Tommy was the fastest, and he was faster.  Did he not pick up the cinderblock on tuesday?  No one else could pick it up, not even Dad.  Dad was the strongest person ever.  He even got 100% on his math quiz.  That smartty Lizzie only got 99%.  She even had glasses, and Mom said those made you smarter than normal people.
When you were the fastest, the strongest, and the smartest.  You had to put on a cape.  It was your duty, because you were The One.  Lizzy was a meanie too, did that make her his nemesis?  He decided that needed some thought, as he clamored onto the roof from the ladder.  He waved to Steven
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 7
Quiet storm
waiting on a gentle whispered spell
breath of her words made rain
a soft and gentle caress
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 0
No Space
No space
Abrupt arbitrary answers
It was sung with a comforting smile
No space
Stiff sterile silence
A comforting and warm amusement shared
No space
Empty erudite edifices
The down blanket shelters from cold night air.
No space
Facades falter finally
Softly spoken goodnight.
the question left no doubt
no space for an answer.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
Perspective :iconwyreth:wyreth 0 4
Ships in the night Ch1
"Maggie you know how much I hate New York."
"Hourice, why do you make this such a battle?  Sometimes I wonder if you are even interested in selling your books."  It was my bi-annual debate with Margerie Graph, my publicist.  I love to write, and if that was all there were to my job I think I could almost enjoy working.  However books do not sell themselves, so here we were once again.
"It's been twenty odd years now, people know who I am, do I really need to advertise myself again?  Let me welch on the signings just this once."  I begged her.
"Hourice we both know if I let you off even this one time, I'll never be able to drag you out of that house ever again."  After twenty years of working with me, or working on me, depends on how you look at it, she knows me too well.
"And is that such a bad thing?  One I'll be able to do three books a year, that and you'll get your wish.  I won't be able to sc
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
A strange sort of night
Sparkling spring mornings that will not dawn.
Hide bitter winter nights that will not end.
Smiling at the stars, in some cousins coat.
A gallery of faces meant for me.
I make out the statues stone smiles.
Waving silently at silhouettes that do not reply.
For them I toss stones into the bubbly brook.
Splashing words that add to its laughter.
Resting for I can walk no more.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 0
A strange sort of thought
There was a path to walk, and to lose.
Footprints that will remain cast in clay.
A clearing that holds a silent statue for me to hear.
My words becoming a sort of verbal frottage.
It is an odd existence to be your pigeon.
An idea with no were else to roost.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 8
Some people :iconwyreth:wyreth 0 2

Random Favourites

Vultures of Eden
The birth of the first vulture was magnificent
Morning arrived several hours late
And as daylight finally caressed the lush garden landscape
The earth shook like thunder
As the vulture broke through the ground
Rising from a volcano on wings of lava
A phoenix ascending towards the heavens
Riding upon wings like edged velvet
Black as the moon's secret face
Beak glistening like an obsidian diamond
As the bird of prey left creation behind
Racing towards the sun
Lidless eyes never wavering from the fiery assault of the stars
Until it flew directly between the sun and the Earth
An animal eclipse
Spreading the breath-taking beauty of it's wings
Miles beneath, the first shadows are born
As the vulture steals the light bound for paradise
Casting a bitter darkness upon the world
And it was good
The vultures of Eden were born
A halo of raptors circling above God's head
Before the jackal, the maggot, or the rat
The vultures of Eden spread across creation
Before Hell, demons, and angels
The vulture
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 1 3
Permanent Marker
I clothe myself in darkness to keep the scars concealed
echoes of insanity ring throughout my head
with these thoughts there's hope this pain will never be revealed
the soaring words are swept away by sailing winds instead
you left these scars in permanent marker
so that they would never be removed
but as the light in the distance grows darker
the bleeding ink spreads like a disease as it moves
I felt the need to fly and you gave me wings
penetrating them with desire as I prepared for flight
clueless to toxic plans that break the skin and sting
I'm lost here in hazed darkness, fading away in the light
soaking in the darkness as the seeping ink remains
nothing left to do or say, I'm cloaked in this disgrace
suffocating more as the opaque memories leave stains
contained in an eclipse as obscurities cover my face
morose illusions cavort over my dismembered core
crestfallen shards of a broken heart withdraw into debris
questions left unanswered gash these glittered sores
discarded in nothi
:iconxrazorbladedx:xRAZORBLADEDx 4 24
Endless Search
She stares at me
the memory of her face
more vivid with every breath
her hair that danced in the wind
another sign to turn around
so ugly yet so beautiful
her words
her language
was she my friend?
crying collapsed on the floor
unable to move incase she awakes
was she ever my friend?
what is a friend?
did she know how much pain she caused me?
did she know I would rot away
without her touch
without her smile
she never smiled
but only laughed
I miss her laugh
her laugh at me
her laugh at them
to here her voice
like poisen in the wind
Could never speak of good
her voice could destroy cities
the strongest man could fall
She only brought destruction
yet I needed her so much
I couldn't cry anymore
my eyes to sore
the voices screamed
I searched for hers
she never spoke
just watched
as I rot
she smiled
she never smiled
she only laughed
:iconwalkingsoul:walkingsoul 1 8
P a i n t e d S o u l
As darkness settles in for the night
I look at the stained canvas before me
With my weary, jaded eyes
No longer wondering
If it ever resembled white
An azure hue
Once vibrant
Now forgotten
Takes it's place in the background
As a burgundy glaze
Still fresh
Drips effortlessly
Onto the already saturated floor
With realization sinking in
I fall asleep with a disfigured brush
Still gripped in my aching hand
There's no use in letting go
Tomorrow will just force me
To bleed more colors
Onto my already painted soul
:iconalwayzdazd:alwayzdazd 5 17
What is hate to you? :iconidle-hatter:Idle-Hatter 1 2
My Purple Rose
We lay together
talking about the wrongs of the world
She turned to me and asked
"Why do you talk to me"
"Insanity," I replied
"If you were to leave I would turn insane,
too many things I have to say
but sometimes I feel that you can't hear me"
She glared into my eyes
I was telling the truth and she could see
"Would you miss me if I was gone"
She asked with such soft sounds
"I want you to go
but your chained to me
I could not run
for you would follow me"
"That is not what I asked"
She said with a little anger in her voice
she reached to touch me but I backed away
just like each night before
"I would miss you so dearly
I'd long for your voice
and cry at the moon
to return you to my heart"
She smiled
She sold her heart so long ago
She searches for an innnocent one
I am her pure host
"It beats," she whispered
"Arn't you happy enough
won't you spare me a metaphore
in exchange for my love?"
I held at my chest
she licked at her lips
I closed my eyes slowly
she already knew my answer
"I have
:iconwalkingsoul:walkingsoul 2 10
A Dead Petaled Rose
A Dead petaled Rose
A child
Still-born, Never mourned.
Cracked and gray, says, and He Sings to me,
"I once was white"
A dead petaled rose
Who will Mourn his passing?
The little boy
Beaten and broken
Run. Let him run.and he sings to me
A Dead spoken man( he sings to me) He's..
Still running. Still Numb. Still crying.
The child inside him..beaten and broken...and Still-Born.
Dead Eyes. Does he cry? For the holocoust babies?
Gas Masks and Bondage and Bullet holed yesterdays
A Dead Petaled rose.. So BLUE.
Exit Wounds. Gun Shot Forever-days Singing,
" No one Cries for me, No one cries for dead babies.."
"  A Child a man. A lover untouched,
fingertips reash but never enough"
He Sings to me.
Dead Petaled rose Still Dying. Still Crying . Saying,
" Who will mourn? Who will remember?"
The Perfect Mind Fuck. Slowly Slowly.
MY Yesterday. My Yesterday. Faded.
My Dead Petaled rose.
Dead Gripping the letter.
Does he bleed? He wants to know.
He wants to know where the little boywent. SO. He
:iconidle-hatter:Idle-Hatter 2 10
Fragments of Me
Pieces now fit together unevenly
Sliced by the sharp hand of time
   contort them
distort them
But they'll never come to be
What I think you deserve to see
Mismatched until the contrast stings the eye
Labels eaten through by parasitic perfection
   scrub them
rub them
Until they resemble a weary sigh
When inside they begin to cry
Orchestrated with sadistic finality
What's left will begin to evaporate
   taste it
waste it
What you take is never free
Do you really want small fragments of me?
:iconalwayzdazd:alwayzdazd 3 23
Eyes For the Unknown :iconlucidpoetress:lucidpoetress 2 7
Bound to Broken Faith
bound in regretful chains
left filtered and scarred
stitched to your name
to remind you of who you are
you're left feeling so hollow
and thinking nothing will change
it's impossible for you to swallow
as you reach out of your range
but as you look down pitying yourself
you miss the tunnel of light ahead
as the piercing echo of a bell
leaves a pounding in your head
and as the shattered glass falls
the pills start to kick in
the broken pieces delete it all
and you forget who you are within
clouded vision leaves you stranded
the blurry eyesight takes control
your plane of hope has now landed
as the decay of faith takes its toll
with silent whispers you pray to God
to bring himself back into your life
all along you found him a fraud
and you're left in darkness and strife
:iconxrazorbladedx:xRAZORBLADEDx 3 9
Endless Inner Thoughts
Sometimes I look up from the ground
to see the world staring me in the face
will I ever see it blink?
and sometimes, I feel unreal, so fake
no one else seems to have this case
so why do I show it so well?
I remember losing hope
this surpasses it all
:iconxrazorbladedx:xRAZORBLADEDx 2 4
Cat got your Heart :iconwylde:wylde 8 17
Pure Convergence
Dark wandering lost
While your pale lips whisper
Extinguish the silent screams within my soul
Make my voice clear; my mind is too impure
Lost walking a dreaming edge
Alone in silence waiting only for your word
Tempting thoughts caress my broken lips
Making the taste of salt stay and linger
Silence at night is beauty
Motion to shatter
Porcelain words thrown to the wind
Vigorously molested by another shameless night
Stars sing lullaby in verse never understood
While I walk away my life
Taken away from incoherent sleep
Brought back to the ghosts that never retreat
Away somewhere to fathom
Memorys that cannot heal
Jagged metal roughly scrapes my skin
Waking me from my intoxicating bliss
:iconalwayzdazd:alwayzdazd 4 28
I'll Fade dont you GET IT??? :iconidle-hatter:Idle-Hatter 1 11
- t h e m i r r o r -
Don't turn away from this again.
We're still here behind your back.
You can stop the pain,
If you face ourselves again.
You can't make it go away,
With the turning of your face.
Suffacating for your attention.
Bleeding for your affection.
You can stop the pain,
If you face ourselves again.
You can't make it go away,
With the turning of your face.
What do I have to do to make you face this?
What do I have to say to make you see;
She is not to blame.
:icondisgracfulfaith:disgracfulfaith 1 10
Situational Depression
This situational depression
It's got the best of me...all my energy
and it took the hunger out of me
Starving days on end, doesn't become starving
when the hunger pain goes away
Situational anorexia is what we'll say
Someday it will go away
Just as the pain in her heart, and the bruises to her soul
She dies to him, because he doesn't know.. she loves
him still, and just can't show
She dies to herself, the mistakes she made..
the acts she did, the walks in his room, and the comments made
Out of pride and the stories she was told,,,
shejust couldn't bear
So she acted out of dispair..
Situational Tourment is what we will call her state, .. she beats up
every single mistake
and every chance she has to apologize,
and she watches it pass her by, thinking
he just wont care, it just doesnt matter,
Situational Adversion is what we call it
just in case he spits in my face... and calls me a whore
screaming on top.. she never loved me anyway
Situational Disillusionment.. lost inside her own trappe
:iconheartstaken:heartstaken 2 7



Wyreth Fini Drakan
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Favourite style of art: Fantasy/abstract
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