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Dreaming Limbo 1: Re-write
I awoke from my sleep, but my eyes would not open.  Was it all just a dream, it seemed like eternity?  You see I don't know, and I cannot seem to find myself.  I have forgotten who I am.  Now locked in a room 6 paces by 12.  A cot, a table, pen and paper.  My only waking companions.  I cannot trust even them, though they are whom I now tell this memory to.  You see I do not know if I am still sleeping or not, if these words scratched on paper will ever be read.  Yet I must tell it, even if only to myself.
I went to sleep in the all pervasive waking dark.  When I opened my eyes, I stood atop a mountain.  The air was clear and cold.  I could see, I could see for miles.  Soaking in the sweeping view of forested plains.  With a river slicing through them like the slashing stroke of a paintbrush.  In the refreshing air, I felt so tired. &
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 1
Nano: Strange sort of sunset
the jets contrails faded black
looking like feathers of a raven
picking at the corpse of the day.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 4
Is this what it ish to be a teenager again.
all the dammage,
from the damaging things I have done.
I'd ask the pope,
but he'd say:
I am not a proper catholic.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
Strange sort of spectical
and she kapered about so foolishly
she was a young petty and pretty dame
dancing a petty and pretty dance to call
we kapered about led so well.
so alive breathing in all that was,
but in this rage I cannot remember her.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 6
Lets play a game by wyreth Lets play a game :iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
Ivy is the slow fated hand
Subtle fingers to work this latch
Opening the window, not for time
Green growth, equals and ends all.
.                                                           An age opened this window
.                                                           One you locked so long ago
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 6
A Moment
we took our damage
wrote a form of verbal frottage
caressing an imagined image
but our moment was fey
it was never a day away
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
A Strange Sort of Art-Revision
Tired travelers have more tales to tell.
Ask too much and they will leave.
They are the closets and alleyways hiding soured paints.
I would brush my portrait in their sepia tones.
Distilled by the sun, colors that have no more lies.
So stretch a moth eaten sail over this frame.
Breathe a song into my ear while I work.
Something soft so only I can hear.
Whispered words have a pregnant message.
Laboring away, giving birth to a meaning.
So this painting, this art, will have something to say.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 6
The boy without a cape :RD:
With that, he solemnly tied the towel around his neck, and started climbing up the ladder.  They thought he was just another silly little boy, did they?  Well he would show them.  Did he not just beat Tommy in the race around the block?  Tommy was the fastest, and he was faster.  Did he not pick up the cinderblock on tuesday?  No one else could pick it up, not even Dad.  Dad was the strongest person ever.  He even got 100% on his math quiz.  That smartty Lizzie only got 99%.  She even had glasses, and Mom said those made you smarter than normal people.
When you were the fastest, the strongest, and the smartest.  You had to put on a cape.  It was your duty, because you were The One.  Lizzy was a meanie too, did that make her his nemesis?  He decided that needed some thought, as he clamored onto the roof from the ladder.  He waved to Steven
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 7
Quiet storm
waiting on a gentle whispered spell
breath of her words made rain
a soft and gentle caress
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 0
No Space
No space
Abrupt arbitrary answers
It was sung with a comforting smile
No space
Stiff sterile silence
A comforting and warm amusement shared
No space
Empty erudite edifices
The down blanket shelters from cold night air.
No space
Facades falter finally
Softly spoken goodnight.
the question left no doubt
no space for an answer.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
Perspective by wyreth Perspective :iconwyreth:wyreth 0 4
Ships in the night Ch1
"Maggie you know how much I hate New York."
"Hourice, why do you make this such a battle?  Sometimes I wonder if you are even interested in selling your books."  It was my bi-annual debate with Margerie Graph, my publicist.  I love to write, and if that was all there were to my job I think I could almost enjoy working.  However books do not sell themselves, so here we were once again.
"It's been twenty odd years now, people know who I am, do I really need to advertise myself again?  Let me welch on the signings just this once."  I begged her.
"Hourice we both know if I let you off even this one time, I'll never be able to drag you out of that house ever again."  After twenty years of working with me, or working on me, depends on how you look at it, she knows me too well.
"And is that such a bad thing?  One I'll be able to do three books a year, that and you'll get your wish.  I won't be able to sc
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 0
A strange sort of night
Sparkling spring mornings that will not dawn.
Hide bitter winter nights that will not end.
Smiling at the stars, in some cousins coat.
A gallery of faces meant for me.
I make out the statues stone smiles.
Waving silently at silhouettes that do not reply.
For them I toss stones into the bubbly brook.
Splashing words that add to its laughter.
Resting for I can walk no more.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 1 0
A strange sort of thought
There was a path to walk, and to lose.
Footprints that will remain cast in clay.
A clearing that holds a silent statue for me to hear.
My words becoming a sort of verbal frottage.
It is an odd existence to be your pigeon.
An idea with no were else to roost.
:iconwyreth:wyreth 0 8
Some people by wyreth Some people :iconwyreth:wyreth 0 2

Random Favourites

I think I need another hole in my head…
What can make the Jack-o-lantern smile?
These rotting teeth are falling out
Orange and melting in moonlight
I am locust bitten
And blind in my own hallucinations
Awake in the dream world
Alive in my sarcophagus
Suffering sanctuary
Just waiting for my chance
Witness my transformation
rip, rip, rip
Watch me escape
drip, drip, drip
What could make the skeleton blush?
These snow white bones are quivering
Shattering into living splinters
Creepy crawly
Insect atrophy and arachnid eyes
Hearing voices in the silent song
Tasting the foul spirits of the air
Revolting sensations
Still waiting for my chance
I think I need another hole in my head…
Witness my transformation
rip, rip, rip
Watch me escape
drip, drip, drip
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 5 5
womb by tarnishedoversoul womb :icontarnishedoversoul:tarnishedoversoul 2 3
Brain fills with dizziness,
Come to my senses,
It is impossible.
Drawn to this horrible blurred vision.
I've poured out everything to be straight,
Unsure if it's safe to stop the spinning in my head,
Cracks sliver up and down.
Pain begins to draw in;
Air around me is fading into desperate seizure.
I'm about to fall,
fall into this dark abyss.
Hands seem to be far away,
as I drift into forever silence.
Forgotten by my friends,
without a lending hand to guide me out of this fate.
Still I sit on the top of the Ferris wheel,
going in the same direction.
In this unbalanced world,
I'd never did get anything out of it.
It confuses me with its twisted way,
how I envy people who enjoy the divine life,
Able to feel the perfect balance in their paths.
Dreaming about the suicide that will befall me soon,
Guide this shining arrow to my heart,
End this in one swift blow.
Unless someone pulls me out,
out into the pasture,
Open fields to breathe freely once again,
to feel the sun that shines.
Where ev
:icondeathjanissary:deathjanissary 9 25
That Three Syllable S Word
that three syllable \"s\" word
there is absolutely, positively no one
out there.
(This knowledge saws me in half)
Takes a moment to sink in
I am completely, totally
Without hope. There is not even
a way - - for anyone to get in.
(How should I handle this situation?)
Is there a way?
Aside from that three syllable \"s\" word..
I could float away on a pharmaceutical friend,
But I will return.
I must return.
there is no escape
I will shed my blood until it is all gone
and I can join those who\'ve gone on before me
and leave this life of seclusion
:iconmysterious-lass:mysterious-lass 1 4
Child Lock
No matter how hard he cried
It was always upon him,
A sin, A scare,
forsaken child.
"Son I promise"
He whispered in the child's ear
"I'll never let you go
There will always be a way"
The child sat
confused at his fathers affection,
feeling a chill of a past memory
shoot down his fathers spine.
The protected child
left his illusion.
The painted world,
Never satisfied the boy.
Security was just a fiction
A tainted dream given as a gift
From father to son
No affection just grief
The father searched
Holding his scars
Still bleeding from the life before
Never thinking twice
The boy persisted
Climbing through the barbed wire
pulling at his skin
Blood for freedom
The father stopped on the safer side
But he saw his child smile
He had lost him
His child could finally die
:iconwalkingsoul:walkingsoul 2 17
Count backwards from ten
It may already be too late
Not quite sleeping
But not awake
Somewhere between life and limbo
Cannot move
Cannot think
Could not care less regarding either
Splinters of emotions
Merging, marching
Trying to break out of my head
Ignored and forgotten
I'm so numb now
Nothing seems to exist at all
The colors are distorting
Time isn't flowing right
Every second just fades away
Into forever
They never were
And they never will be again
Indifferent to my own mind
Rotting from the inside out
I don't think I even understand
Love and hate absorbing
Fear and knowledge are gone
Is this what it means to be alive?
I don't even care
I'm so detached now
My body wax and slowly melting
Blind and deaf by choice
Almost dead inside
Severed from my identity
Fingerprints eroding
Thoughts like thorns, transforming
Memories becoming mysteries
I don't even care
I'm so detached now
My senses weak and slowly dying
Somewhere between a man
And a mechanical mind
I may never wake up
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 3 4
Life...The Art Of Dying Slowly by The-Demon Life...The Art Of Dying Slowly :iconthe-demon:The-Demon 4 20
Rainy Night
Tonight i shall weep,  
Sheding tears that will never fade.  
Insides of my heart are breaking away,
piece by piece into sadness and regret.  
Praying never works,
No souls could hear my wails.  
It will rain this very dark day,
Time to venture into my suicide.  
To perform this trick,  
the sinful way of dying.  
Happiness will never come,
it never did and never will.  
Why wait?  
When there is a better solution,
To kill or be killed.  
Ears deaf to the hope that many offer,  
Eyes blinded by hate.  
Still i wish for someone to hold and to kiss,
I'm afraid it is too late.  
These wounds are deep,
too deep for anyone to mend.  
Now it starts to rain, silencing my death.
:icondeathjanissary:deathjanissary 2 17
Listless and Fleeting
Self-made perceptions of security
Course through my flaccid body
Giving me what I want
As I master the art of deception
Surreal blackened reality looks beautiful
I have learned how to flaunt
Take me and lay me back
  Go through me
One more added to the stack
  Changing that I see
Listless dreams
Stagger with their dulled blade
Dragging it across my contorted mind
Fleeting screams
Dissect my feigned comfort
Interrogating with a threatening speed
Push it down
It's not real
I am bound what I don't feel
:iconalwayzdazd:alwayzdazd 5 21
The seed has been planted
And the soil has blackened
Waiting for the rain to give me life
The ground is shivering
As it tears open to unleash
The blasphemous blossom unto the world
Drinking the sunlight
Like a vampire rose
While I reach towards the sky ever higher
Parasitic roots
Like cancerous veins
Dig deep into the depths of the Earth
I'm growing stronger
Feeding with carnal instinct
On the very lifeblood of Mother Nature
Born without a brain stem
I can think, but I cannot do
At least that's what I think is true
Sever the stem…
Stare into the eye of the bud
It's looking back at you
From the heart of a cauterized cocoon
The flower erupts
Black beauty's in bloom
I've made a desert of my meadow
Strangling ivy
Beneath the shining sands
My fingers reaching towards infinity
In the raven's eye
A poisonous plant
Twisting like a serpent vine
Let me give you
My thorny kisses
So I can dine on your crimson honey
Born without a brain stem
I can think, but I cannot do
At least that's what I think
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 3 4
Reflection of Deceit
You drew me in with a gentle gaze
Showing only your side that shone bright
Hiding what you were underneath piercing light
I was safe in your comforting grip
You took away all that I feared
Blood stopped flowing out from within
As tender scars appeared on my skin
We danced without a single care
Oblivious to the outside world; I laughed
Then one night not too long ago
You didn't catch me; you let me go
Smirking as I fell to the ground
I saw your existence towering over me
The light went out as I saw your face
My own reflection held with a bitter taste
Torturing me with what I had become
I want to reach through the broken glass
....strangle you for making me believe
stab you for what I see
....mutilate you for living in me
kill you for telling me I was free
:iconalwayzdazd:alwayzdazd 2 39
Furikkus 30s Golfing Death by belmont-clan Furikkus 30s Golfing Death :iconbelmont-clan:belmont-clan 9 8
The Furies Lament
Swimming alone in the black waters of the pool of dreams.
The shadows of the dead swirl in the patterns of the lost.
The void in your eyes mirrors the wastlands of my soul.
Will you still cry when I take your eyes?
In the future lies the edge of sanity.
In the past lies the flower of delirium.
How can you not dispair when all you see is today.
Why must Man always turn his back on this world when all he has IS this world.
God, not Man, is the archetect of our destruction.
And yet God is the creation of Man.
The spider of nothing spins a web of something to catch the all.
When tommorrow comes will you be there to greet it?
Will tommorrow be there for you to greet?
Let the deconstruction of reality drag your very being down into the depths of ignorance and bliss.
Don't come to me when your heroes disappear into the sands of death.
:iconmathos:mathos 2 3
already lived
Equivalent to
Of faulty memory
Unknown, Fault
Knowledge within reach
Already lived
Not a prophecy
A memory
Just the beginning
No end
The future, the past
Seeing all in reverse
As we live
It begins
Pain ends before
The heart lives
From end to start
:iconiggie300:iggie300 1 7



Wyreth Fini Drakan
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